Report on use-wear analysis of quartz, porphyry and quartzite artefacts from a small Middle Neolithic Pitted Ware coastal site in the province of Uppland, Eastern Central Sweden

Seven artefacts from the Stone Age Site Fembäcke in Vendel parish, Uppland, were subjected to a use-wear analysis. The small assemblage was dominated by quartz, but also contained artefacts made of porphyry and quartzite. One bipolar core and a scraper in quartz are the only formal tools; the rest of the material consists of flakes or flake fragments.

The material is heterogeneous both in terms of raw materials and use profile. Two artefacts show signs of having been used; three have been subjected to post-depositional modification and one flake was well preserved, but unused. The use-wear analysis indicates work on wood with a large quartz platform flake and work on some soft material of animal origin with a quartzite flake.

For more information, see the illustrations in the report in Swedish.

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