Report on use-wear analysis of tools of quartz, quartzite, flint and other raw materials from three sites in the province of Närke

38 artefacts from the three sites of Stensäng, Kerstintorp and Åviken were subjected to analysis. They have been made from quartz, quartzite, Cambrian flint, Senonian flint and fine grained meta-volcanite – 14 different sorts of raw material, altogether. The fracture analysis of the quartz artefacts in particular was necessary, since tool production in this and other materials do not correspond to the flint tool production patterns. 25% of the analysed items showed traces of use. From the forms of fragments and flakes it was possible to reconstruct some tools which were used in these Mesolithic sites of the coastal area of that time. For further information, see the illustrations in the Swedish pdf.

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