Report on use-wear analysis of tools of quartz, quartzite, and other raw materials from four sites in Åmott komune, Norway

76 artefacts from the four sites of Stene, Melle, Bjørkeli and Rød terrasse were subjected to analysis. The primary goal was to analyze whether the material was subjected to post-depositional processes or if it was suitable for analysis of prehistoric use-wear. 14 different sorts of raw material were classified in the sample. The fracture analysis of especially the quartz artefacts was performed, in order to understand the sorting or fragments and flakes for prehistoric tool use and production. The diagrams in the Swedish report show the numbers of eroded and used items. In three of the samples, a majority of the artefacts were so heavily eroded that a continued analysis was pointless. At one of the sites, situated higher in the terrain along a prehistoric river or sound, according to the excavation report, only a minor part of the material was eroded. This site, Melle, was deemed suitable for further investigation. Illustrations to this reasoning are contained in the analysis report in Swedish.

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